360 Fountain Carbon Replacement Filter 12 pack


360 Replacement Filters keep water clean and fresh and are designed to fit Drinkwell 360 Fountains.


The cylindrical filter features a pull-tab for easy placement and removal. The filter contains granulated carbon for extended filtration and the duo density polyester pad captures debris. Filters should be replaced every 2 weeks.

Compatible Fountains: Drinkwell 360 (D360WB-RE) and Drinkwell Stainless Steel (PWW00-13705).


  • Includes 12 filters
  • Granulated carbon for extended filtration
  • Duo-density polyester pad to capture debris
  • Replace filters every 2 weeks for optimal fountain performance

Additional information

Weight 0.77 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in